Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Wow Cindy Thank you so much!!♥  Thank you for encouraging me to start a blog! Cindy is just the best and all my scrappy sisters! She makes the most georgous things and brings happiness to my heart in so many ways! Thanks for being sunch an important person in my life!♥ To visit Cindy's Blog click Here

To have the honor of receiving the Stylish Blogger Award you must always pay it forward to other bloggers who are fairly new to blogging or to bring more fans to those you enjoy following.
With this award you are to share eight things about yourself. Then pass the award to eight others

I'd like to pass the Stylish Blogger award to:
Arlene, My Butterfly Kisses click here
Laura, Pretty Picture Pages click here
Hope, Hopelynn's Happiness click here
Kristy, Create4ever click here
Doreen, My Bedazzeled Treasures click here
Paula, Crafty Mommy24cs click here
Geordie, This and that scraps click here
Rebecca My Scrapbook, My heart and me click here

So here's 8 things about me:
1. I have a daughtrer, Kaylee, 2 1/2 and i call her my "honey bunny" cause she is sweet as honey and cute as a bunny!
2. I love to cook
3. I love scifi movies and watch all the ones on the scyfi channel
4. Crafting for me isn't limited to just paper crafts, i make minuatures out of clay, make candles, make knick knacks (decorations) and paint also, and i love it all, i'll try anything!
5. I'm 5'1", don't laugh...jk
6. I love chocolate, but not dark and not solid!
7. I stay up late (total night owl!), cause i think sleeping is a waste of time and there arn't enough hours in the day
8. I love to shop and organize, but not for clothes. Really like shopping for others and for craft and decor stuff, darn online shopping and ebay....hehe

Thanks Sis ♥MUAH♥

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  1. I need to add something to your 8 9 I guess hehe! You are one of the most giving, sweet, and loving scrappy sisters ever♥ You're blog is gorgeous as are you, and I am so thankful for all things you've taught me. Thank you for being a Dear Sister! Luv you bunches and I wish you all the best with your shop, I know it will be a huge success♥