Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tipsy Tusday - Saving Money on Crafting

Hey, i know its been a couple weeks since i did Tipsy Tuesday. But i know everyone can use today's tips. Who doesn't want to save money. Crafting is an expensive hobby, no matter what kind of crafts you do, we all buy tools, adhesives, paper, emlishments, storage, etc..... Please read below for some savings tips.

Coupons and Sales:
  • First every sunday I print all my coupons, check the sale flyers and match up the coupons if they are entire purchase ones with sales. Some times I end up getting deals that i didn't even try to get. 
  • I go almost every week to get the best deal for my money as they have different sales every week, and it helps that i have several of each store to really stretch the money. Doesn't mean i buying allot every week....just the best deal ;) 
  • I am really picky and won't buy anything unless its the cheapest that i can get it, even comparing to internet stores as well. 
  • I also wait on more expensive products, like holiday stuff, punches, tools...etc..cause they will eventually get cheaper with sales and even clearance. 
  • I also sometimes return things to get a better deal... i.e if i bought a 12x12 paper pack when it was 50% off. With tax and everything, it came to just under $12. Then the following week it went on clearance right after the 50% off sale to 5.99. So i havn't even used it yet. I bought one at 5.99 and then returned the other one that was at 50%. I ended up saving another $5. 
  • If you haven't got the Michaels rewards card you really should. They always have specials just for card members! 
  • I also make sure to always use 50% coupons from michaels or joanns no other % offs. I also won't buy anything unless i can get it at least 50% off with sales or coupons. Hobby Lobby is different, and if you never see an item more than 40% off then go ahead and use a 40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon. 
  • Micahels and Joann's accepts competitors coupons, even the entire purchase ones. 
  • When i buy dcwv paper packs, they are normally 50% off at joanns so i won't buy one until i can get it with an additional 20% off entire coupon, which happens often. 
  • NOT ALL SALES are GOOD!!!! Just cause its on sale doesn't mean that its a good deal. 
  • Always check out your clearance sections....many craft stores have tons of awesome things on clearance, and you may find something that you were waiting for, if you were patient. 
  • After awhile of monitoring things you will see the sales and what you can get things for if you wait. Then craft shopping will become easier. 
  • I also won't even pay full price for dollar stuff. I know its a dollar, but that stuff adds up very fast. Use a 50% off coupon and just get one thing. Or wait till there is a 20-25% off entire purchase coupon. Sometimes they will have dollar stuff on sale 40-50% off and that's the best time to hit up the dollar section. Just be patient!!! 
  • The best time to shop for craft stuff is when the store has a 20-25% off entire purchase coupon. Match them with sales and see what you can get. 
  • I almost always wait til after a holiday to buy holiday crafts and decor. If you wait about a week after, you can snag some great deals. 
  • Don't forget black friday...its not just for department stores. 
  • Sign up to receive coupons and emails, and search the internet for coupons...sometimes you will find coupons that were not in the weekly flyer. 
  • Remember that just cause it looks awesome doesn't mean you have to have it right now.....make sure its a great deal then you can get it. Put it on a wish list and its something that you can check online for and then watch when there is an in store sale. 
  • When you do find a spectacular sale on things like adhesive...which you will use allot of, get a few to stock up on. 
  • Just remember to be patient!!! 

Discounts Stores:
  • There are stores that have great craft items at fabulous prices. Check out stores such as Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Any Dollar Store, and Tuesday Morning
  • Thrift stores and flea markets are also great for finding all sorts of craft stuff, at unbelievably amazing prices.
  • Garage sales are also wonderful for craft stuff
  • Great deals on places like ebay, etsy and zibbet!
  • There are many online daily discount stores and regular discount stores. Just search in google, but here are a few:
    • Daily Deal Sites:
    • Discount Sites and Good Sites to check out:
      • www.createforless.com/
      • www.ohmycrafts.com/
      • www.scrapbookexpress.com/
      • www.scrapbooking-warehouse.com/
      • www.scrapbuck.com/
      • dollarscrapbooking.net/
      • www.scrapyourtrip.com/
      • www.joann.com/
      • www.scrapbookingalley.com/ 
      • www.peachycheap.com
      • http://www.scrapyland.com/
  • Remember to sign up for email newsletters, they will email you for coupons and sales!

Thanks and tune in next week for more tips and techniques. 

Have wonderful crafty day!!!