Monday, February 20, 2012

Teach Me Tuesday- Victorian Top Hat Pin Cushion

Welcome everyone to the MB's Treasurista Teach Me Tuesday! This week I'll be showing you how to create a Victorian Top Hat Pin Cushion. Sounds complicated but trust me... it's easy peasy!

This is the list of supplies you'll need other than adhesive and embellishments.
1. Chipboard circle cut to 5 1/2'' with an inner circle cut at 3 1/4''
2. Chipboard sheet cut to 4 1/2'' x 12'', marked at 4'' x 12'' with a pen
3. Piece of design paper cut to 4 1/2'' x 12''
4. Piece of design paper circle cut to 5 1/2''
5. Design paper circle cut to 5 1/2'' with an inner circle of 3 1/4''
6. Piece of fabric, roughly 15'' x 15''
7. Poly Fill

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Adhere card stock (4 1/2'' x 12'') to chipboard back to back. 4'' pen marking should be visible on the back.

2. Turn over covered chipboard and cut slits to the 4'' line. Fold back tabs.

3. Adhere card stock to chipboard circles (with inner circles)

4. Roll the 4 x12'' piece into the circle pieces. Once inside, the piece will overlap into itself. You'll want it to overlap for stability.

5. Glue all the little tabs on bottom of "hat" down with hot glue. When done, also glue together overlapping piece.

6. Your hat should look like this:

7. Now we're going to make the "pin cushion" part of the pin cushion. Take the fabric and wrap it around your poly fill.Your cushion should be as smooth as possible at the top and should measure about 4 1/2- 5'' wide at it's widest point. Secure with string or rubber band. Trim excess fabric.

8. Insert the cushion into your hat and hot glue securely from the inside.
9. Your pin cushion should look like this... Don't worry if your pin cushion looks a bit messy. It'll all be covered by lace and your embellishments.

10. Add the last 5 1/2'' card stock circle to the bottom to cover the mechanics of it all.

11. Now it's time to embellish! Add your lace around the entire body of the pin cushion. This will cover any visual imperfections. I personally love to use the 4'' wide vintage white scalloped flower lace from MBT. It's the perfect width and stunning!

12. Now embellish any way you'd like! Add great supplies from MB's Treasurista.
BTW- Don't forget about your stick pins. Misty carries a great array of supplies from pins to crystal pins, to bead caps.

Good luck and have fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
Big Hugs, Lina :D


  1. These are adorable. Great job!!! I may even try to make one thanks for the tutorial, Misty!

  2. Fantastic, is beautiful. Me encanta.

  3. Love it Lina!! Awesome!!


  4. Looovvveee it!!!! Great tutorial!!! :) Thanks Lina♥

  5. Wow this is amazing! I love it, what a great idea. Thanks Lina for sharing your talent.