Monday, February 27, 2012

Teach Me Tuesday - Making Acrylic Flower Stickpins

Hi all my crafty addicts,

Today we will be doing another fun segment of Teach Me Tuesday! For those of you joining in for the first time Teach Me Tuesday is where every Tuesday ( a Design Team member from MBT, shares a new technique on how to make something fun and creative. Some techniques may be more advanced and some extremely simple. The one I will be showing you today is extremely simple, yet fun and super cute!!!

So we all love those acrylic flowers that MBT has in different colors in her shop, but most people only think "inside the box" while others tend to "jump out the box", me. A darling friend of mine, former DT, had made some head bobby pins and it sparked a great idea in my creative side of my brain. LOL...Why not make some stick pins??? Well, I thought it would be a fabulous idea and a new way to have some real cute and innovative stick pins. There are several ways you can make them so check below for an entire Bloggy tutorial on this Fabulous Teach Me Tuesday!!!!

 Supplies you will need:
Glossy Accents
Cutting Tool
Stick Pins (any kind) these are from MBT of course ;)
Acrylic flowers from MBT
 You can either choose to leave the head of the pin on or remove it, 
as I did with the Red one. Totally  a preference choice. I will show
you both ways.
Make sure you remove the flower from its stem properly, just cut it with your 
favorite scissors, mine are Timmy of course :)
 Take your glossy accents and add a drop of it on the pin, where the flower will go.
This doesn't matter if you decided to remove the head or not.
 Slide the stick pin into the hole on the back of the acrylic flower.

 Hold still and let dry completely, specially if you have removed the 
pin head from the stick pin.
 Then, you will have completed your first stick pin with an acrylic flower.
 (This one I left the head on)

Here is what you will have when you continue making them. 
MBT has lots of vibrant colors for you to choose from. 
Just check out the shop and you will be on your way to 
making some great stick pins for spring and summer!
Simple and Easy as 1..2...3...LOL

Hope you all enjoyed this segment of Teach Me Tuesday 
and we look forward to seeing your creations, stop on by our fan page and 
show us what you made with out techniques...Oh don't forget to let Misty know
Liz sent ya :) Happy Tuesday!!!



  1. Misty,
    Replyed to your email telling you that OOPS, in my excitment I forgot to place the code for the $5 discount. Sorry! What do I do now. This is in case you don't recieve the email.


  2. Love Teach me Tuesday! Thank you for doing this.

  3. I love these new stick pins thanks for tutorial.