Sunday, February 10, 2013

Look at What is New at MBTreasurista

Thank You for watching!!! Here are some of the Products for MBTreasurista. For more information on products check MBTreasurista at list below are all the new products
Shabbby Rosette Trim: Lt Pink, Nude, Gray, Lavender, Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Watermelon,Emerald Green,Lime,Yellow, Navy, Black, White, Ivory, Blue, Chocolate, Deep Purple, Red, Lt Blue, Dark Teal, Med Pink, Red, Wine.
Black Wide Flourish Lace (5") Ivory Eva Trim,Crochet Jasmine Lace, Vintage Keys, Cabochons (Flat Back Resin Pieces and Cameos) White Floral Lace,White Blossom Stretch Lace,Black Dainty Floral Lace, Banner Lace, Ivory Eyelet Lace,Med Satin Box Pleated Trim, Cream Oval Lace Doilies, Mini Chicken Wire Template,Mini Bricks Template.
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