Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tipsy Tusday - Stamping Part 1

I know this is a little late this week and not on my youtube. But i'm sure you can forgive This week we will be talking about stamping. Ok so i know many of you use ink pads and some sort of stamps. So i will start with some tips on using and storing your ink pads:

  • Try and store all your ink pads so the pad part is level and upside down. Let gravity do the work and make the pads nice and juicy. This prevents uneven ink distribution as well.

  • If you use Tim Holtz Distress Inks and the inking pads. Store the pads with velcro on the bottom of the ink pad. This makes them easy to find and color coded.
  • To prevent your stamp pads from becoming muddy, clean your stamps when changing colors
  • I like to store mine by brand and then type like dye, pigment, chalk....etc. But you may find it easier to store my color.

  • For my craft space i store most of my ink pads in 2 different drawers (the ones i don't use the most). The ones i use the most (in my case the momento tuxedo black ink and distress inks) are stored on a ink pad caddy made by cropper hopper right on my desk for easy access.
  • Other ways you can store them are in old cassette tape holders or there are ink pad holder specifically made but these do run pricey. You can find cassette tap holders in many styles including rotating and on ebay, in thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales for penny's on the dollar.

Thanks and tune in next week for more tips on stamping. Next week i will be covering tips on storing your stamps!

Have wonderful scrappy day!!!


  1. Great tips Misty :) I so need to organize my little cats eyes better. They are in a drawer all mixed up and it's not easy to find just the right color. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration to get myself more organized!

  2. Love it!!! I just stored my ink pads yesterday in an old floppy disk who uses those anymore...but cool storeage place and they fit perfectly!!!