Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tipsy Tusday - Storing your Bottled Products

There are many ways to store all your bottled products, such as Sprays, stamp cleaners, glossy accents, paints, water squirt bottles, etc.... These are the ways i store some of those products. 

I store my glimmer mist on one shelf on 2 of those making memories embellishment center storage units. You can see on the right a photo of one of my storage centers. i got mine at Michaels. You can also store all your other bottled products on here. I just love this thing!!!!

  • All my lindy's mist and stains are stored on one of those rotating metal racks for acrylic paint storage.
  • All my acrylic paints are also stored on the same rack. 
  • I also store all my Adirondacks paint dabbers on the opposite side of my paint. You can get this at michaels! View picture on the right:

    I store all the things i want at hand at my work station in a cropper hopper table storage rack. In this rack i keep things such as walnut stain sprays, glossy accents, stamp cleaner, and water squirt bottles. You can also fit some spray adhesives, glimmer sprays, paints...etc. I really like this unit and am considering to get another one You can get this at joanns.com View picture on the left:

    • There are many other ways to store bottled products like on shelves or in drawers. Let me know how you store these types of products and whats your favorite way!

    Thanks and tune in next week for more tips!!!
    Have a wonderful crafty day!!!

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    1. I love your display Misty! And.....your trims....gosh, gorgeous! Can I have one of each pretty please? :)