Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tipsy Tusday - Stamping Part 2

This week we will be talking about stamping. Ok so i know many of you use stamps So i will start with some tips on using and then storing different types of stamps:

Using Stamps
  • First when using a brand new stamp you want to ink it up real good and stamp on a scrap sheet of paper, do it a couple times before stamping on your project. This will get rid of any left over manufacture residue on the stamp and make it a more crisp, even and clean. I learned this tip from Michelle!
  • If you have done the tip above and you still get part of the stamp that just doesn't want to stamp. Try stamping with a note pad under your paper and apply even pressure all over the stamp, don't push too hard cause you may smear the image.
  • Another thing you can do is to place you stamp with inked side up on a flat hard surface, place your paper on top and run a brayer over it while gently holding the paper in place. This tip is more difficult, but if you have a stubborn stamp and the note pad does help you can try this.
  • Make sure you clean your stamps after use and as soon as possible to get all the extra ink off and keeping your stamp conditioned.

Storing Stamps:

  • I store my stamps 2 different ways. The first way is in a 3" 3-ring binder with base ball card holder sleeves. Yes the pockets are small but they are perfect for the small studio g stamps and inkadinkado and others like it. You can also purchase sleeve protectors for photos that have a variety of sized pockets. I get my pockets from office depot. The cheap trick is to wait for a sale or get a rewards card and then you get a discount on your purchases along with coupons that may be available online or in the mail.
  • The second way is on a clip it up system. I also get sleeves from office depot that are for storing dvd's and cut them in half. i use these for all my tall stamp sets like inkadinkado. I place a label on the bottom of the sleeve of the name and company. I currently store my rubber cling stamp in there original packaging on the clip in up. You can get a clip it up at many places, i got mine at
  • The other way i'm gonna switch to doing my rubber cling stamps is in a 3-ring binder. They make special plastic like sheets that go in binders that you can place your stamps right on and place a label on it at the top...more to come on this once i get it done. I got these sheets at  I will take pictures☺
  • Another way some people store there clear stamps are in clear cd or dvd cases. The stamps will cling right to the plastic.
  • I store all my wooden stamps in several 6 drawer 12x12 cubes from They are seperated by themes.

Thanks and tune in next week for more tips!!!
Have a wonderful crafty day!!!


  1. Thank you for the great tips and links. I use the SU boxes. I have taken all the rubber off the wood and try not to by anything on wood any more. I like the boxes but they do take up a little more space.

  2. WOW....I'm blown away gurl...what creative talent you have. I found your blog on your YOUTUBE channel and here I am, once again one of your faithful followers. I'll be keeping an eye on you darlin'!
    Peace and Love, Dar

  3. Linda,
    I love wood stamps but i am finding that space is such a commodity these days that i too want to start taking my stamps off the wood. I never used the su box, thanks fo letting me know.

  4. ArteDar,
    Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I love love your work! Thanks so much for being a follower, it means the world to me! Have a great and wonderful crafty day!!!

  5. Whoa! You really did put me in your blog!!!! You are such a sweet person Misty. Thank you for all your creativity and inspiration you give to me every day!